The Truth About Drain Cleaning in Boise

Folks in Boise are so startled, when they finally see the build-up, that contributes to a clogged drain. Drain water is actually moving fairly slowly; without high-pressure to flush debris and sediment. By the time the water stops flowing, you may have a serious problem deep down in the system.

Chemical cleaners can move a few feet, maybe as far as the water trap, but most clogs are farther down the line and too difficult for chemicals to reach. At this point, the chemical can become very hazardous; trapped, creating a serious exposure danger for anyone trying to access the pipe under the sink. Just as problematic is the chemical creating a small breach in the build-up, but not truly cleaning all the gunk out. This leads to sinks and tubs that drain very slowly, allowing even more material to back-up farther in the line. What started as a few inches of debris can become a few feet, forcing you to use mechanical wires, called snakes, again and again.

Moisture is a major contributor to fungus and bacteria, material built up in the pipe holds the moisture, allowing for more growth of these organisms. You may have also seen small gnats around your sink. These live in the filth and grunge built up in these slow-moving drains. These gnats lay their eggs in the grunge, then fly up into our kitchen to feed on items on the counter. Another contaminant issues is what goes down a slow drain, will move upwards as we wait for that water to slowly flush out. A clean drain really is important.

To truly solve the problem, you need to clean the material from the inside of the pipe. This is done with high pressure water jets. The water is safer for the inside of your pipe, while removing the sludge that has been catching the material traveling with the water. It’s a simple non-invasive process that happens down in the drain, keeping our kitchen or bathroom clean.

If you have not had your drains pressure cleaned in the past four or five years, it’s a good idea to schedule it. It’s not expensive, and you’ll find your kitchen and bathrooms will smell much fresher once that material has been cleared out. For more information on water jet drain cleaning in Boise, contact Cooper Plumbing at 208.467.2286

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