Have I Gone Nose-blind?!

Have I Gone Nose-blind?!

Have you ever walked into someone’s bathroom or kitchen, and it has that odd musty smell, like stagnant water? It makes you wonder if your bathroom or kitchen smells that way, or maybe you already know it does and you’re trying to cover it up with sprays, candles, or air fresheners? It never quite goes away, does it? That’s because you’re masking the symptoms and not curing the problem. What causes it? So glad you asked…

The truth is, it’s probably your drain pipes. Think about it, you’re washing bacteria down your sink with every dirty dish – every shower – every flush.  If you were to fill a water glass with the same bacteria you wash down your drains every day, but only rinse that glass with water and let it sit on the counter for a few days, it will have that same terrible smell. Why? Simple rinsing will kill bacteria. As a matter of fact, it does the opposite, keeping the bacteria and fungi alive and moist so it can grow. Your own personal science experiment. Yuk!

If you want to eliminate that smell, you’ve got to get those pipes clean. The best method for this is a water pressurized drain cleaning process. It’s not expensive and well worth doing once a year, to finally get rid of that not-so-subtle-smell and sterilize that open pipe. Voila! No more odors!

How it works: A specialized tool goes down your drains, and, using high pressure water, it peels the bacteria right off the sides of your pipes and moves them on down the line. As the fast-moving water is forced through the pipes, it removes build-up without doing any damage to the pipes themselves and requires no harmful, smelly chemicals. This naturally helps your entire plumbing system work the way it was intended. Unless you have root balls- that’s a whole other issue.

This also helps to ensure you’ll be without a clogged or slow drain due to angled pipes or collection areas where build-up can create long term problems. We’ve all experienced those times when you dragged out the liquid chemical drain cleaner along with the plunger (if you can remember where you hid it) or made that emergency call to your local plumber to run a coiled wire called a “snake” down the drain and spin it to cut through the gunk.

Imagine what nasty bio contaminates are drawn up into your kitchen or bathroom fixture when that metal “snake” is used to clear a drain blockage!

Get a pressure flush done on your pipes once a year and help prevent build-up. Period. For more information about this amazing process and how to sign up for our new Preventive Care Programs, contact Cooper Plumbing and talk to our friendly staff- we understand and we’re here to help.

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