Do’s & Don’ts of Holiday Garbage Disposal Use

Holiday Do's and Don'ts for Grabage DisposalsHoliday meals create unusual food disposal problems we usually do not encounter. The leftovers and mess from these meals often are a major chore to clean-up. Items such as Turkey bones, globs of gravy and potatoes, those uneaten Brussel sprouts that Grandma loves and little Jimmy put in his napkin, can become disasters we don’t need in the hustle and bustle of the season. A plugged sink, or worse, sewer pipe, with ten guests over, can make a fun gathering become an exasperating nightmare.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for the Holidays.

Number one is to make sure those large items listed above are not poured down the garbage disposal with the thought that it can handle anything. Garbage disposals can easily be clogged with celery, hard items that will not grind between the plates and especially things like potatoes that mash and jam into the grinding plate holes but will not spin out. Better to scrape those off into the trash to be hauled off. Do not take it for granted that those graciously helping you with kitchen clean up understand this. Better to pull the garbage can out with a clean bag in it, and make it a policy that everything on the plates are scraped into the garbage and not use the sink disposal at all.

This policy can save not only the disposal but the overall sewer drainage system from little Jimmy trying to stuff that napkin full of Brussel sprouts down the sink. Items like this mixed with an overload of everything else maxing out the drainage pipes can lead to disaster.

The other problem is overtaxing the hot water heater. What may work fine the rest of the year may not be able to handle the overload this week. A few obvious ways to help this is to run the dishwasher late at night and try to stagger the shower times. Again, an informal policy of maybe only running the shower by one person at a time and making it a game to determine who gets the lottery shower time can be made fun, and truly a lot more fun than running out of hot water with soap in your hair.

Keep your Holidays happy and avoid the hassle, put a few policies like this in place and enjoy the time.

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