Water Pressure Is Everything

Hi, Todd, with Cooper plumbing and we’re here to talk about faucets and the aerators.

The aerator is the little device on the end of the spout that you unscrew and a lot of times on older homes you can see these particles. That’s actually rust compounds coming out of your pipes which tells us your pipes are corroding and also plugs up the little screen that add air to your water to help with water conservation.

What we want to do is clean all that off, but we are missing the little rubber gasket. So before we turn the water on will want to reach up pull that little rubber gasket out, turn the faucet on and flush anything else that may be in there. Then turn the water back off and reinstall (the basket) into the spout make sure you get it nice and snug. Finger-tight is fine because of the rubber washer otherwise water will be spraying out there once it’s snug, water will flow just fine and not cause any leaks.

All aspects of Plumbing, that is what Cooper Plumbing is focused on; whether it is a simple leaking faucet or a complete remodel…they do that. This is where years in the business really is important to your selection of which plumber to hire.

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